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2013 Convocation: Put Love There: Consecrated Virgins Bearing Christ's Love into the World ($5 per talk/$35 entire conference)

CD1&2: Mary, Sharer in the Mystery of Christ: a Scriptural Presentation on How Christ Asks Consecrated Virgins to Bear Himself into the World. Parts I & II (2 CDs - $10), – Most Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing and Episcopal Moderator of the USACV

CD3: Questions and Answers – Bishop Earl Boyea

CD4: Espoused to Christ: The Consecrated Virgin Lives the Maternity of the Church – Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin

CD5: Our Blessed Mary, Mother and Virgin: Bearing Christ into the world while on earth and now as heavenly Queen and Mother - Mary Kay Lacke, consecrated virgin

CD6: How Consecrated Women Express Spiritual Maternity – Sister Joan McGlinchey, MSC, Vicar for Religious, Archdiocese of Chicago

CD7: Consecrated Virgins – reflection and discussion in relation to our Blessed Mother – consecrated virgins

CD8: Consecrated Virgins – reflection and discussion on consecrated virginity and spiritual motherhood - consecrated virgins