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2015 Convocation: The Beauty of Following Christ: Celebrating the Distinct Vocation of Consecrated Virginity in the Year of Consecrated Life - $6 per CD or $45 for complete set of Cds

CD1&2: Following God's Call: God's Call/Man's Resistance; God's Call in our Daily Lives. Parts I & II (2 CDs - $10) - Most Reverend Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing and Episcopal Moderator of the United States Association of Consecrated Virgins

CD3: The Beauty of Following Christ - a look at the presentation of Pope Saint John Paul II to consecrated virgins in Rome, 1995 -Dr. Linda Long, consecrated virgin

CD4: Panel on Prayer in the Life of the Consecrated Virgin - consecrated virgins Karen Bussey, Twana Bolling, and Sara Navarro

CD5: The Vocation of Consecrated Virginity: a Public Vocation in the Church - Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin

CD6: The Virgin Martyrs - Father Michael Fuller

CD7: Stages of Perfection in Our Walk with Christ - Dr. Magalis Aguilera, Psy.D., consecrated virgin

CD8: Panel on Living Consecrated Virginity in the World, but Not of It - consecrated virgins Barbara Blumers, Theresa Prosser, and Paula Willenbrink

CD9: Being Part of the Order of Virgins: the Virgin Saints, Facts of their Lives: they lived with passion, they gave their lives. - Mary Kay Lacke, consecrated virgin