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2016 Convocation: Consecrated Virginity as a Reality in Today's Church - $6 per CD; $10 per DVD or $50 per set

CD1: The Origin of Cannon 604 and Its Development in Canon LawHis Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke $6 CD

CD2: Religious Liberty and the Church's Duty to Defend It - His Eminence Cardinal Burke $6 CD

CD3: Christ as Bridegroom - Maria Luisa Öfele, consecrated virgin $6 CD

CD4: Twenty Years of the USACV - Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin $6 CD

DVD5: 1995 Rome Conference Remembrance - Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin $10 DVD

CD6: Rome 2016 - Joani McCann, Karen Bussey, and others $6 CD

DVD7: Rome 2016 - photo collage and video of Karen Bussey's presentation in Rome $10 DVD

CD8: Wrap-up Presentation "A Potpourri" - Judith Stegman, consecrated virgin $6 CD