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2007 Convocation: In Love with Christ and His Church ($5 per talk/$25 entire conference)

CD1: Opening address: “In Love with Christ and His Church” - Judith M. Stegman

CD2: Homily August, 9th & 10th - Archbishop Raymond Burke;
Homily August 11th - Fr. Ambrose Bennett, OSB;
Morning Prayer & Reflections - Judith Stegman

CD3: The Holy Eucharist: “Communion of the Consecrated Virgin with Her Spouse”, Part I - Archbishop Raymond Burke

CD4: The Holy Eucharist: “Nourishment for the Consecrated Virgin’s Mission to the Church”, Part II - Archbishop Raymond Burke

CD5: “Mary as the Living Icon of the Church and of Consecrated Virginity” - Fr. Ambrose Bennett, OSB

CD6: Questions and Answers - Archbishop Burke